SWI Students Make Birthday Cards

Oleh: Restu Kurniati, S.Pd

SDIT Wirausaha Indonesia, Jl. Nakula Raya No.1-4 today the student in grade two is making a birthday card for their birthday’s friend at Friday (6/9/19) morning.

Birthday Card is a greeting card was given for person who celebrate their birthday. They are was feel very happy since they making a birthday card together with friends in the classroom.

Firstly, before made birthday card, we are prepared many tools and materials such as the scissors, glue, ruler, marker, and papers.

Secondly, we make a line on the papers with pencil and wrote the birthday wishes to a friend, such as : “Happy birthday, I hope you become a religious child, smart and useful for all”.

While the students are making a birthday card, Restu Kurniati as teacher said that everybody, don’t forget to write the name come from in the front of the paper and then the student could give the assesories after finished.

“With the making birthday practice at SWI Islamic School, I hope many students knows the way to make a birthday card and they can to speak English correctly, “said Nur Komariah, S.Pd.I, MM as the SWI‘s headmaster.

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